We all LOVE to focus on the busyness of our lives and when we're asked how we're doing or coping in life we usually respond "I'm so busy".  

But what if all this busyness becomes a distraction from a deeper meaning or focus in our lives that needs to shift?  We're too busy focusing on what we don't have and trying to achieve all that we desire, but does this truly move us into happiness or joy and are we really being more productive?

Hurry up and slow down!!!

The process of slowing down and living more presently isn't laziness or a lack of ambition.  We're actually more effective and we accomplish more when we slow down and take the time to complete a task with more awareness.  

We're all trying to pack a little more into less time and as a result, we're exhausting our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being!  We need to gives ourSelves more permission to SLOW DOWN!

Join Clare in this Mindful Minute (10 minutes) podcast on the importance of slowing down and living more presently throughout the day.  Listen to some of the ways in which we wasting time and energy 'rushing' and join her 5 minute challenge to SLOW DOWN each and every day!  

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