We all seem to be in a hurry.  One relationship ends and we jump directly into another and only to find out years later that everything seems to be a repetition of the pervious.

The dating scene seems daunting but the distraction seems necessary in order to escape the emotion behind the pain of yet another failed relationship.  As a society, we're spending a lot of time and energy investing in other people and new relationships without actually taking the time to heal within.  

Join Clare Newman for this amusing podcast on the 10 Actions to Dating Your Self!!  Listen as Clare shares her personal journey on navigating the fears of being a single woman, amused with being alone and all the emotions and fears that come with the loneliness.  

The 10 Actions to Dating Your Self is less about rules and more of a conscious commitment to stay focused on healing your Self before entering into another relationship.  Getting to know and understand your Self before you spend your finite energy on another person will help to prepare you for a healthy, wholehearted relationship.

Everything starts with the Self.  Lean in and Love!

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